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Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion is now LIVE

The latest Hearthstone expansion is launching later today and this time, Blizzard is treating its fans and dedicated players with a very differently themed expansion. The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion follows three crime families as they fight to for power in the alleys of Gadgetzan where they battle on a new game board which is formed from each of the districts in the city.

It's an interesting new move for Blizzard and the new expansion is adding even more twists to the game.

Tri-Class Cards

The new Tri-Class cards system is the biggest addition in this new expansion; these special minions allow players to include them in three different decks. These new cards can be used in all decks relating to the classes used by that family. It's also the first time that Tri-Class cards have been added to the game which are sure to make battles much more interesting.

Here are the Crime Families and their classes:

The Grimy Goons: Hunter, Paladin and Warrior classes

The Jade Lotus: Mage, Priest and Warlock classes

The Kabal: Druid, Rogue and Shaman classes

There's certainly a nice variation of class types for each family and the Tri-Class cards should be revealed as the players fight through the new single-player card battles.

Game Board

A new board is being included in this update; the four corners of the game board represent the four different districts in the city of Gadgetzan. Details about the board are limited right now but it should feature some interesting surprises for players to discover.

Card Backs

Three new card backs have been confirmed to be coming in the expansion later today which are based on the three Crime Families featured in the expansion: Grimy Goons, Jade Lotus and Kabal.

Players can earn these card backs by achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Play over the next few months; the Jade Lotus is the first card back up for grabs in the Ranked play mode.

The official notes post on the website also hints that there could be a fourth card back coming with this update but details on this haven't been released just yet.

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