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Common Misconceptions About WordPress

One of the most popular website builders in the world is WordPress, yet there are still many myths and misconceptions about it.

As with everything, these misconceptions can lead to confusion for users and would-be users, and it can potentially direct people to a different platform that is not the best platform for what they want in a website. Here, we will look at the truth behind some of the common misconceptions about WordPress.

WordPress is Only for Blogging

One common misconception about WordPress is that it is only good for blogging; this is absolutely not the case. You can use WordPress to build pretty much any type of website imaginable. In fact, recent data shows that WordPress powers approximately 40 percent of all websites on the internet. It is used by governments, Fortune 500 companies, universities, online news and magazines, corporations, eCommerce, and much more. WordPress does much more than just blogging.

You Cannot Use Ecommerce on WordPress

This myth goes hand-in-hand with the myth that WordPress is only for blogs. While WordPress does not come standard with eCommerce features, there are plenty of plugins you can download to make your WordPress site capable of eCommerce. One of the most popular plugins for this is WooCommerce.

WordPress is Not a Secure Site

Another common misconception is that WordPress is not as secure as other similar software. It is actually an extremely secure software, which is part of why it is so popular. WordPress is open source software — meaning anyone can study its source code for holes in security, which means that it has extra eyes on it to help keep it secure. It is also easily customizable, so you can add more security measures to it. While a site can still be subjected to an attack or malware, that does not mean that a WordPress site is more susceptible to an attack than any other site.

Support for WordPress is Limited

WordPress is free software, so that can lead people to think that there is little to no support available. This is completely untrue; there is actually a lot of free support for WordPress all over the internet — that is the great thing about it being open source and run by a community.

Free Means Low Quality

People often assume that because something is free, it is low quality, and that is certainly not the case with WordPress. Since so many people work together on WordPress, it follows the best programming practices out there. Its code is completely solid, and it is developer-friendly. WordPress' publishing system is state of the art and an easy to use interface. Brands like Microsoft and Adobe use WordPress, which would not be the case if it were low quality.

The Future is Uncertain for WordPress

Since WordPress is open-source software, many people think that this means that the future of WordPress is uncertain, and the software could suddenly disappear. However, this is entirely untrue. WordPress development is by a community of programmers, not a single person, and it will not randomly vanish overnight. WordPress is a protected trademark owned by the WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization that protects the brand. Thousands of companies rely on WordPress, and WordPress itself is more of a community than a single company or person. WordPress may be free, but it is responsible for powering millions of dollars for the businesses that use it.

Every WordPress Site Looks the Same

One common misconception is that all WordPress sites look the same. WordPress offers various themes, many of which are free, allowing you to customize your site's look and layout better. You can make your WordPress site look exactly how you want, and it will look different from other sites, even if you do not have programming skills of your own. The WordPress themes can do a lot for you.

Only Beginners Use WordPress

This is a myth that is fairly linked to the fact that WordPress is free and open-source. WordPress can be used easily by beginners, but highly skilled developers also use it. As a beginner, WordPress is great because you can put together your website on your own. WordPress allows you to design beautiful and complex websites, using themes and plugins and your own code if you are a developer. The flexibility of WordPress is one of the best things about it. One question that comes up is why you should use WordPress instead of building your site from scratch. It gives you the basics so that you do not have to do it all from scratch. WordPress will save developers time and energy by giving you a framework of solid code that has been tested thoroughly already. Plus, if you lose your developer, another one can pick up where they left off in the process if you are using WordPress.

High Traffic Sites do Not Work on WordPress

A lot of high traffic sites, such as the New York Times, the New Yorker, and Variety, run on WordPress, proving this myth to be completely untrue. WordPress is a self-hosted platform, so you are responsible for managing its performance and capacity, so if your servers are not equipped for a high traffic site, your WordPress site will not run smoothly. You can also look into have your site managed for you on another server; there are plenty of companies out there that offer those services.

WordPress is Not Good for SEO

WordPress is actually great for search engine optimization (SEO). It offers a wide range of plugins to help you optimize every aspect of your site easily.

WordPress is Not Mobile Friendly

Having a responsive site is vital to your business and your SEO, and WordPress knows it too. It has responsive themes so that you can make your site more mobile-friendly.
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