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The 5 Best Cloud Computing Services in the World
The cloud computing market is an incredibly dynamic space that is usually confusing. Though millions of individual consumers and companies depend on the cloud, many have ill-defined understanding of what cloud computing is all about. Primarily, cloud computing could be broken down in 3 categories, namely:
  • SaaS or Software as a Service – these are applications used in the cloud setting such as communication and email features.
  • PaaS or Platform as a Service – the platform in which these applications are running like web servers and databases.
  • IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service – the infrastructure that supports the platforms such as storage, servers and the virtual machines.
Companies that operate in these spaces are somewhat varied. While the SaaS market has been saturated with both private and public corporations, most in the mid to small cap range, this market is definitely dominated by major tech pillars that have adequate funds, infrastructure and technology to support such type of service. Seattle Software Developers has drummed up five of the top cloud services that are most popular with our clients and employees.
  • Amazon Web Services – while Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, it might be the most vital contributor in cloud associated with the IaaS market. Amazon offers PaaS and IaaS cloud service. Amazon Web Services is primarily developed in order to improvise the use of data centers. It is also seemed to be the largest returns generator. Amazon Web Services faces hard competition from EMC, IBM, VMware and Google. The company can move focus on the cost effectiveness and performance of their cloud service so as to obtain more impetus and to compete with the OpenStack as well as Google Compute Engine.
  • VMware – is a competitor of OpenStack. The company extended and provided vCloud for cloud building. Their design for cloud infrastructure is according to the SDDC or software defined data center wherein they offer 2 types of cloud service. This company came up with a hybrid cloud platform that offers two options such as the cloud software in the packaged form and the other is public infrastructure. These options made the VMware cloud service more efficient, dynamic, agile and reliable.
  • Google Compute Engine – the GCE (Google Compute Engine) is the largest market competitor of the AWS, except the fact that it is not Windows compatible. Yet, Google is about to showcase the creativeness within Cloud Dominance. GCE is comprised of the infrastructure which mainly supports the products of Google such as Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and some other products. It’s also built based on the architecture of IaaS and it lets the virtual machines to be released on demand by users. It comes with a sufficient scope to dominate the market considering the reality that Google is almost close to software defined networking plus it holds ownership of the fiber optic network.
  • Rackspace – established in 2006, Rackspace comes with a big impetus in the market as it launched and implemented the OpenStack, which is the open source cloud computing platform. The mutual venture of Rackspace and NASA developed and encourage the Cloud initiative OpenStack. Today, Rackspace gives Exclusive Cloud Services like Cloud Servers, Cloud Sites and Cloud Files. The Cloud Server offer is a virtual machine idea that permits users to use numerous cloud servers in an instance and it offers “high availability”. The Cloud Files is a hosting service which gives unlimited storage and it has been made simply accessible through API being accessed through client source code and it’s secured over SSL. The Cloud Sites is equal to web hosting, and it’s the PaaS. The feature of the Control Panel facilitates the Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, and Cloud Sites through giving an interface. It’s believed that Rackspace may have more to offer in the future.
  • Nimbula – it was established in 2008 and it developed a software program of its own to render hybrid, public and private services cloud computing. This service was built with the goal of facilitating the service providers & enterprise customers. This cloud computing software manages infrastructure over the command line interface, Web UI and API. It then supports the virtual machines for Linux and Windows. It supports typical cloud APIs. It comes with a flexible license contract system and it is giving access to cloud features and security through its exclusive authorization system. In 2013, the Oracle Corporation obtained Nimbula as a major part of this Cloud Service in order to extend their services within the cloud domain.
These are the leading five cloud computing services in the world. You may want to know more about these services. You can visit their websites to learn more.
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