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Top Software for Small Businesses in 2021
There is so much software out there these days that it can be challenging for a small business owner to decide which software is the best for your business. Some may choose to go for the most expensive version available, thinking that it must be the best if it costs more, while other business owners opt for the less expensive or free options. Here we will go over some of the best software options for small business owners in 2021.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office is the best office software, and Microsoft 365 expands that success more by bringing you a cloud version giving you the capability to work on projects from anywhere. Companies that offer similar office software packages are typically trying to make a similar variant of Office because it is the leader in the market. The cloud that is available in Microsoft 365 is great because it not only works anywhere but also because OneDrive saves all of your documents, so if your computer crashes, you will not lose anything. Microsoft 365 comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook Email, and OneDrive Cloud. Buying a standalone license can be expensive, but you can also get it for a monthly fee, which is much less expensive.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is an easy-to-use accounting software. It allows small businesses to track expenses and income easily, send invoices, track sales taxes, scan receipts, and more. The best part? Wave Accounting is completely free! You can connect multiple bank accounts and credit cards to Wave and put together profiles for multiple businesses. It organizes your accounts, invoices, and payments, making your taxes much easier. This software can also set up recurring invoices and automatic payments for repeat customers, and it will automatically sync your invoice and payment information to the accounting software. Wave has a mobile app where you can create and send branded invoices with ease, and you can scan receipts through the app to help you keep track of business expenses on the go.


Bitrix24 offers a large number of tools for small businesses, including:
  • Collaboration
  • Scheduling
  • Instant Messaging
  • Employee Management
  • Project Management
  • Document Handling
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Bitrix24 is great for CRM, and it logs communication and contacts between your business and customers; it also logs emails, quotes, and invoices, and it records calls and assigns leads to your sales representatives. This software is free and can support up to 12 users on a single account; it also includes 5GB storage, but you can upgrade to 50GB.


Mailchimp offers affordable email marketing software for small businesses. It makes it easy for a business owner to get started on email marketing. Mailchimp offers email templates, sign up forms, basic personalization, and audience segmentation. You can choose to use their free plan or their paid plan, which offers a few more email marketing options.


If you have a team and multiple projects that need managing, Asana can help. It allows you to assign tasks to your team and track deadlines for each project. You can get alerts when someone finishes a task in one of your projects so that you can move onto the next phase easily. Asana is easy-to-use and navigate, and it works seamlessly on its mobile app and its website. Asana also integrates well with over 100 other products and services, including Slack, Gmail, Dropbox, and Salesforce, so it can easily be added to whatever other software you are using for your business.


Slack is a great tool for any small business, especially if your business works remotely. You have instant messaging to your team on the mobile app, website, and desktop with ease, you can also set up client channels to streamline all your communication. You can set up teams in different channels to keep specific topics separate and more organized. This software offers a responsive interface and a lot of different integrations, shortcuts, and plug-ins to help keep the conversations moving smoothly. You can also do file transfers and video calls in the app. Slack is available for free, and it offers paid options as well. The free version comes with 5GB of storage and a searchable conversation archive of 10,000 messages. The paid app can give you unlimited archives for your messages, group calling, and quick, round-the-clock support.


Freshteam is a software that helps businesses manage the hiring, onboarding, and time-off information for employees. It offers an easy-to-use platform that helps small businesses hire employees. Freshteam can help a business post jobs, track applicants, screen resumes, and send job offer letters. It comes with job description templates, and you can post jobs on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and more. Using Freshteam, you can create a custom workflow that will help you track candidates from the time they apply to their interviews to hiring. It can convert emails into applications for you automatically. Once you hire someone, Freshteam can send them all of the new hire paperwork they need to fill out and sign electronically, as well as a welcome letter, employee handbook, and any other internal documents they need. Freshteam has a basic plan that is free for companies with less than 50 employees, and it will allow you to post up to three jobs at a time.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a great software for productivity management. If you are working remotely with a team, it can help you track and analyze a team's performance and ultimately improve their performance. You can use Time Doctor for tracking the time your employees spend on tasks and projects. They simply need to open the program, select the tasks they are doing, and press start. It can easily pause the time when you are taking a break or stop tracking when a task is completed. Time Doctor can auto-generate productivity reports for you, which offer insights into how much time employees spend on tasks vs. breaks, how much time is being spent on specific projects, how much time employees spend on various websites and apps while clocked in, and get summaries for the active time, both productive and unproductive. Time Doctor can be integrated into Asana, Trello, Microsoft To Do, Zoho Projects, and more.
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