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The 5 Best Cloud Computing Services in the World In todays’ fast moving internet environment, cloud computing is one of the best things you can do to secure your pictures and files while still having them within arm’s reach. Whether you need to free up space from your phone, or have somewhere to keep your customers’ information, cloud storage is the best way to go, and don’t worry; its secure. Seattle Software Developers has drummed up the best five of the top computing services you can find that are very popular with our clients and employees. Apple iCloud Over the years, Apple has done a great job of adding software support to their popular line of music players and smartphones. iCloud is the best way to not only store your media and document files, but allow cross-platform access with ease. Whether you enjoy creating slideshows of your family vacation to show off on your Apple TV, or if your office utilizes Macs and iPhones, Apple iCloud offers fast sharing. Best of all, it starts at free for the first 5 GBs of storage and offers affordable pricing for larger storage options. Egnyte Egnyte’s cloud services were designed specifically with businesses in mind. In addition to secure file uploads and sharing, Egnyte also offers data protection, management, data insights, and more, all without sacrificing speed or ease of use or compromising safety. While the pricing may seem steep at first (entry level is $8 per month per employee), Egnyte provides 5 TB of storage with included services such as drive mapping, expiring links, file locking, and much more. If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, Egnyte is a great business-oriented cloud service. Google Between Google Drive for personal storage and sharing and G Suite (formerly Google Apps) for business needs, Google has something for everyone. If you use Android devices, using Google is especially ideal, just as iCloud does for Apple devices. Google Drive allows for 15 GB of storage for free, but this does include other Google product storage, such as your Gmail box. For just $2 a month, you get 100 GB of storage, and larger packages are available. G Suite for business, on the other hand, starts at $5 per month for 30 GB. OpenDrive Like Google, OpenDrive has both personal and business options available for cloud storage. In addition to cross platform storing and sharing, OpenDrive can also be used with WordPress and has applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple. OpenDrive makes project management simple with collaboration tools, note sharing, file syncing, and backup available. For single use, 5 GB are free, and 500 GB run at $5 a month. For $10, you can actually have unlimited storage, making this a potentially easy way to save a little money if you’re constantly sharing and uploading files. Dropbox Dropbox has become a household name with 2 GB of free storage for any user, with options to earn more space through referrals and completing the beginner’s guide. For professional use, for $10 a month you can have an entire terabyte of space with larger packages available. Best of all, Dropbox allows file sharing with those who aren’t Dropbox users while leaving the files secured.
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