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2018 Hottest Mobile App Trends
So far 2018 has been a great year for mobile apps. Currently software developers are working on a redesign of the smartphone, as it is due for an overhaul. The top player in this sector is Apple with their introduction of the iPhone X, manufacturers like Android and Samsung are working on devices without buttons. In 2017, 254 billion apps were downloaded with 90% being slaves to network speeds, they are long overdue for new mobile app development. 5G networks are sweeping across the world and the entire population will witness a change in app development. Integrated chips are powering our Smartphones and they are currently under new development. New technology in 2018 is proving to be a year to watch out for, with developers working on virtual and augmented reality. Below are the top 5 mobile app trends that will raise the bar for the next product design. Predictive Analytics to Power Mobile UI/UX Mobile app development is going to be an integral part of our lives and move on from being basic utilities. Giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook are currently using A1 for predictive analytics that enhances the consumer's abilities across the UI/UX app, and it’s no surprise that 2018 is the year to witness these new advancements. Mobile App Security Generates Extra Attention We all know about Uber coming clean and accepting responsibility for the hacking and app developers are looking to spend more money on cybersecurity than ever before. This is due to users’ protection laws and data privacy being violated. The brightest software developers will have to put the brush to the canvas and shade in the uncertainty, currently surrounding mobile apps. Cloud Integration Will Have More Businesses Investing It took years for the world to wake up to the prospect provided by cloud integration and computing. Reduced cost of hosting, streamlining operations, increased user retention, loading capacity, and better storage are some of the benefits of developing mobile apps in the cloud. Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Power Mobile Strategies There was a time not long ago when Pokémon Go was a global phenomenon; however, there is a new player in town with VR & AR setting the stage to topple Pokémon Go. By the year 2020, over $200 billion is predicted in revenues with software developers creating mind-blowing VR & AR mobile app experiences that are compatible with new hardware entering the industry. Wearable Devices Are in High Demand Apple is the forerunner in new app development and affordability is going to be something to watch out for in 2018. Developers are working on advanced wearable devices like watches, and currently Uber and Zomato have invested a huge golden egg in wearable mobile app developments; however, they have some catching up to do with Apple leading the way. The Future is Looking Bright for New Mobile Apps With all the new advancements in mobile app technologies, 2018 is going to be a year for the masses to get a taste of what the futures holds for new and innovative product designs that enhance our daily lives. For more information on these technological advancements and how they can change your life, please feel free to visit our site today.
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