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2019 Software Trends To Keep An Eye On

The current age of technology continues to blossom. Research has shown that more people are starting to use their smartphones to browse the internet instead of a traditional laptop or desktop. The number of smartphone users continues to rise. Based on what has happened this year, 2019 is likely to include even more big things concerning software development. Here are 10 software trends to keep an eye on heading into the new year.

Increased Emphasis on VR and AR

Virtual Reality allows you to enjoy a simulated environment due to the help of computer technology. Meanwhile, Augmented Reality uses your surroundings to provide tips and keep you engaged. AR continues to grow in popularity, as business apps use it to keep their users informed. Many analysts predict that more than a billion people will use AR by the end of the next year. Heading into 2019, AR and VR may collaborate to help create an optimal user experience. Many social media apps are using AR technology to help keep their users engaged. VR continues to grow in popularity throughout the healthcare industry, as surgeons rely on the technology to complete difficult tasks. Heading into 2019, look for more businesses to continue implementing AR and VR into their marketing strategies to improve their customer retention stats, while also attracting new customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way that people interact with technology. AI can function like a human brain. AI can develop an understanding of your habits and patterns. AI has grown in popularity as businesses use the technology to develop new products and services. Many businesses rely on analytics created by AI to help them gain insights. AI spending will substantially increase over the next few years. AI is expected to help supply chain management. Business owners can use AI to complete tasks, which gives them more time to focus on more important issues. AI has shown that it can also help businesses create new revenue streams while decreasing their expenses.

On Demand Services

On demand services are very convenient. Many technology-based businesses have looked at the consumer's demands concerning their goods and services. On demand apps are being created to help you during your daily routine. Some of the recent on demand apps include helping you rent a car and pick up your laundry. As consumer demands evolve, this will present new opportunities for businesses to create more on demand services.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has become an important part of many different industries. The Internet of Things appears to have unlimited potential. In 2018, IoT made an impact in the retail industry, helping many companies improve. The real estate industry is using IoT to create parking lots with sensors. Looking ahead to 2019, IoT is poised to make a major impact in multiple industries, including the healthcare and automobile industries.

Mobile Wallet

In 2019, analysts are expecting another year of growth regarding the development of mobile wallet technology. Mobile wallet technology will allow you to feel safe while you spend your money. You can complete financial transactions without having to worry about the encryption. Online booking and purchasing systems are expected to rise.

Cloud Storage

During this current age of technology, it is becoming necessary to integrate cloud-based apps. These apps will help you manage your cloud storage more effectively. As you store your data in different apps, you eat up space. However, as cloud technology evolves, you'll be able to store all your data in one cloud.

New Advances in Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has proven to be a reliable form of technology. Research has shown that wearable gadgets are beneficial to people in multiple ways. The most common gadgets are used to help you measure your health and fitness by allowing you to keep tabs on your exercise routines and eating habits. Android and iPhone users are working on creating wearable devices to help make your life more comfortable.


Chatbots listen to the concerns of the user and help send across responses. Heading into the new year, new algorithms will continue to help chatbots become more effective. Chatbots are going to become an important variable regarding how businesses market and provide services.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Page speed has an impact on a company's retention rate. Accelerated Mobile Pages load within a second on mobile phones. Accelerated Mobile Pages can help companies increase their visitors and their click through rate.

Blockchain Technology Continues to Rise

Blockchain technology took another step forward in 2018 and has begun to transform the World of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology helps companies’ complete transactions without needing a third party. Heading into 2019, blockchain technology will make an impact in the healthcare and insurance industries.

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