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Amazon Goes Cashierless

Amazon Goes Cashierless in Seattle and the Unions Are Not Happy

Amazon is looking to reinvent the way we view brick and mortar stores and the way they do business. Amazon Go did a trial for over two years, and most recently, the store was officially given a public opening.

The Basic Concept

The concept of the new store is simple, not to mention a dream for mobile app development nationwide. Customers walk in and scan their phone. They scan the items they want, adding them to their virtual cart on the Amazon app. Amazon will charge them for their groceries as they leave the store.

"Anyone who has an Amazon Go account can use this feature because it gets linked to the person's Amazon account. The concept has been a long time coming in regards to new features in app development"

Representative from Amazon Go

The new concept is called "Just Walk Out". A lot are speculating this might be the beginning for this sort of thing, depending on how well it received by customers.

The Backlash

This new concept is already facing criticism and backlash. According to union officials, many of the employees are not taking this well. Some are speculating that this new app development could mean replacing workers.

"If this service gains popularity with the public, then what do they need us for? Automation is easy and convenient, but it takes away the personalization from the customer and staff.

Union member

Amazon's Response to the Backlash

Amazon does not want to replace workers. The goal is simple, to offer something that no one else is. There were employees on hand to help out customers when they did their first public opening last week.

According to Amazon Go, there are trying to stay competitive with the current prices in the market. "Sometimes you have to reinvent the way someone buys a bag of chips".

Representative from Amazon

The End Game

If all goes according to plan, Amazon wants to expand to different stores, including Whole Foods locations. According to Amazon Go, they are still working out the bugs.

What happens if you get charged for something you did not buy?

The system is accurate. You scan the item and the charge is removed. Time will tell how well this new Amazon Go feature will work; however, Amazon and Amazon Go are hopeful.

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