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Disney’s app will become more immersive than ever before as it gets an update for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s new $1 billion Star Wars expansion.

On May 31, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge officially opened at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It scheduled to open as well at Disney World in Orlando Florida at the end of August. These 14-acre expansions, which reportedly have cost the company $1 billion each, are said to be the largest in Disney’s long history. To coincide with this, the company is updating its Play Disney Parks mobile app to interact with this new world that they have created.

While Disney has previously employed immersive experiences at their theme parks, the updated app will take this to a whole new level. First, when visitors enter Galaxy’s Edge, they will not only find themselves on the planet Batuu. They will also discover that their Play Disney Parks app has been transformed into what they are calling the Star Wars: Data Pad. This new app includes various means for interacting with Galaxy’s Edge.

For example, visitors can use what is being called a hacking tool to not only open various doors but also to dig into the memories of any droids they may encounter. Other tools in the app include a scanning tool, which allows visitors to view the contents of closed boxes, a translation tool, which lets people translate signs displayed in the Aurebesh language, and a tuning tool, which visitors can use to decode secret messages from various communication devices they may come upon.

But these 4 tools are just part of the immersive experience the app will provide visitors. The app will also include an augmented reality (AR) game in which visitors can compete against each other by performing certain tasks in the park. People can either join the First Order, the Resistance or become an independent scoundrel, and this will determine what tasks they must perform at certain rides, such as on the Millennium Falcon.

This is not the only AR game visitors will be able to experience at Galaxy’s Edge with the new app. There will be other experiences as well, such as the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, in which visitors will be able to hunt for magic crystals, and Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, in which visitors can traverse to the park to help a character called Perry the Platypus beat the evil Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

The current version of the Play Disney Parks app contains many useful features that will continue to be available in the update. This includes:

In-line games
Ride achievements
Curated Apple Music playlists

If you are planning to visit Galaxy’s Edge in the near future, be aware that while it has already opened at Disneyland, the updated app will only be available once the expansion has opened at Disney World, which is scheduled to take place on August 29. Also keep in mind that while the Disneyland version of the expansion is already opened, they are completely booked until June 24.

Further keep in mind that only children 14 years and younger are allowed to wear movie-accurate costumes while visiting the park.