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Editors Choice Apps 2016

Since the turn of the decade, the world has seen a surge in the use of smartphones, and apps have been on the tip of every tongue. There are apps for every activity imaginable, from communication, to business, meditation, religion, you name it there is probably an app for it.  This has led to cutthroat competition in the development of apps, some of which are free and others require a premium subscription.

Biggest Apps of 2016

With so many apps, it is a challenging task to track the performance of trending apps. We have chosen some popular apps for our Editors Choice Apps for 2016.

PhotoScan The app helps you to digitize old photos. App critics and users have a lot to say about the features of this app. Fast, free and accurate, and available on the two biggest mobile software platforms, this app deserved to be on the editors choice apps of 2016.

Asana This is not a new app, but the developers infused in it so many features in 2016 including boards, offline mobile access, team management et al. that it became one of the popular apps of the year. The app is available on iOS, the Web as well as Android. It is the app that millions of people have used it to keep track of their projects and tasks.

Albert In the present age, tracking of finances is a major huddle, and it is prudent to find a way to keep abreast on the due and overdue bills. Albert is an app available on the iOS platform and developers are working on making it available on the Android platform. It keeps track on all of your accounts and updates you when your bills are due. It also suggests ways of cutting costs and has an inbuilt savings account making it one of the trending apps of the year.

Shyp In the age of online shopping, shipping is probably the biggest source of headaches for shoppers. Many are the times you find the shipping costs are exorbitant. With Shyp, you get to compare the many shipping options and save on the costs of shipping. It is available on iOS, Android and on the web too and you will find the best deal in mere seconds.

The app developers at Seattle Software Developers are already working on new apps coming to a screen near you in 2017. We are set to see more social communication apps to revolutionize how you chat on groups. Be sure to check back on our blog for these Upcoming Apps of 2017.

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