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When App Development Goes Bad

You’ve finally come up with the perfect idea for developing an app that avoids calls from your mother-in-law. This idea you have been working on has come from many hours of avoiding calls and working hard to make your wife happy. After speaking to some other individuals who need to avoid calls from various people, you decide there’s a market for your app and you begin building it.

Initially you begin working with a company or developer that you found based on some quick searches, without ever reading their reviews, or interviewing them to see their skillset. Things were going great until you receive a draft that is very opposing to the requests you put in, is unfunctional, breaking, and filled with a plethora of problems… Suddenly the person you have been working with shows their true colors and incompetence begins to shine through. What do you do?

First you must evaluate where you are at. If you have just started your project with your developer, you are in the best place to be. You have the ability to up and move, to do a little more research and find a better partner in helping you create your perfect app. You will be losing a deposit and whatever early termination costs are outlined in the initial agreement, but you will be able to be able to develop something that you are proud to present to the world.

With that being said, sometimes starting over is not an option. If you put in your last dime into this, you need to make it work.

There is no need to become a micromanager to achieve your goals, but you do need to take control and begin providing guiding, constructive feedback. If you are not getting the results you need, but you are unable to look elsewhere for fixing it, you need to begin by providing concrete and detailed information. Even if you think it’s overkill and you don’t want to have to hold someone’s hand through something, take into consideration what your end goal is.

In other words, your option is making the best of where you are at.

Ideally you would want to make a change if something like this happens. Yes, you may have made a poor decision in the beginning, but compromising the end product because you don’t want to budge from your original standpoint will get you nowhere. It’s important to understand when you need to pivot and change the game plan.

If you’re stuck with a bad app development project, or don’t want to end up there, Seattle Software Developers is the place to turn to.

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