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Voice to text software is nothing new, but the improvements that we have seen in this technology have expanded its use in businesses.

It can be a highly valuable piece of technology for businesses; here, we will look at how your business can use voice to text software technology to improve your productivity, organization, and save time.

Speed up Note Taking

Generally, you speak faster than you type, so it makes perfect sense to use speech to text for your note taking instead of typing them out. This can take some time to get used to, and you will still need to proofread it when you are done since the software can mishear you and give you words that sound similar instead of what you actually said. Once you get used to using voice to text for your note taking, you will save time and get everything done quicker.

Ready to Upload Immediately

When making online videos for your business, one practice that is frequently recommended is to include subtitles or even a copy of the entire transcription, depending on what this is being used for and where it is uploaded to. The high-end voice to text software can distinguish between speakers and note this in the transcription. Once the meeting is over, you will already have a typed up transcription that needs a small amount of editing before it is ready to be sent out to wherever it is going to go.

Attendees of the meetings will be able to begin making their own notes on the transcript, so they can reflect on things that happened in the meeting while they are still fresh in their minds.

Transcription Turnaround is Faster

Transcribing a meeting is a time-consuming task, especially if someone spoke quietly and you have to rewind a few times to catch everything they said. With speech to text software, you can have those meeting notes transcribed for you automatically. It will reduce the amount of time that it takes to get any transcription work done, allowing your employees to spend less time drafting meeting summaries so that they can spend more time on more critical tasks. Additionally, the employees who are usually tasked with note taking during these meetings will be freed up to focus more on how they can contribute to the meeting, letting them play a more important role in your business.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Since voice to text software can help free up your employees for more important tasks, you can increase your bottom line; they are no longer wasting time on typing up transcriptions and can focus on more important projects.

You are also able to work on the go with voice to text software since you are not tied to your keyboard this way. This means that you can get even more done since you are able to speak instead; you can even get more work done while driving since it does not require your hands. This can also help increase your bottom line and productivity.

Improve Writing

The way that we speak is different from how we type, and that can sometimes lead to writing ending up dry since emotion can be left behind when typing. With speech to text software, you can essentially write with your stream of consciousness, which allows more emotion to come through than otherwise might, giving you a potentially richer text than you would have otherwise had. It can help with your brand’s authenticity, and it can help make your writing more engaging to read.

Improve the Employee Experience

Sitting in an office chair, typing all day can strain the eyes and lead to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain, which can cost a business thousands of dollars, if not more, each year. By implementing voice to text software, you can potentially reduce the amount of time that an employee spends on the computer since they can complete their work while moving around and standing, instead of spending the day at a desk.

You want your employees to enjoy working for you, which means taking steps to help improve the employee experience. By implementing voice to text software, you encourage your employees to spend more time away from their computers. They can complete their writing tasks that would ultimately leave them at a computer all day while taking a walk or getting coffee. This will help you promote a healthier work culture and improve the overall employee experience.

Increase Accessibility

There are many people with disabilities who might have trouble typing all day. If your business implements a voice to text software, this can increase accessibility and make the working environment more comfortable for people with disabilities.

Voice to Text Challenges

While there are many benefits to using voice to text for your business, any automated software like voice to text comes with some limitations to how well it can work that is important to note here. As mentioned earlier, it is not always perfect in its transcription of what it is hearing. Accuracy is important, which is why you should have someone proofread the transcription when the meeting is finished. If multiple speakers are present, the software might have trouble recognizing them, depending on the specific one you choose. Also, if people are talking over each other, it can confuse the software, and you might end up with something unintelligible in parts.

If your business has a lot of complex jargon to it, the software may not be able to handle the terms. While every industry has its own vocabulary, your voice to text software may have trouble translating it if that is not part of standard English.

Finally, there are some people whose voices are not easily understood by the software. If they speak quickly, so words run together, or they mumble or have a heavy accent, the software might not be able to understand them.

Final Thoughts

The voice to text technology has made significant improvements in recent years, which has made it a much more useful tool for businesses to implement for daily use. By doing so, you can increase productivity and help your employees make the work environment more enjoyable. This software is worth consideration for many businesses in an office type setting.

Voice to text technology has made great strides in the last few years; with it improving on being able to understand people better, it is a great tool that businesses should consider adopting. Seattle Software Developers can help you with the voice to text software for your business.


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