Dating apps

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In today’s world run by technology, it is amazing how much time smartphone or mobile apps take up in one day. Typically, it is the first thing you check when you wake up and the last thing you check when you go to sleep. Also, generally any app you can think of whether it be a game, video, or food app, they all make money on your behalf. Having said that, if there is one type of app that sticks out a little bit more than any other, that would be dating apps.

This generation of app development has led to unthinkable amounts of relationships and even marriages as a result of dating apps and, at a very rapid pace. It’s no wonder why virtually every dating app available to people make absurd amounts of money by the minute. In fact, according to a website timer on how much your dating site makes a minute, Tinder, one of if not the most popular dating site to date, makes over $8,000 in about 25 minutes with no signs of slowing down. Now that you have let that sink in, here is more on the craziness of dating apps and their continuous financial gains.

Dating Apps Make How Much?

For one, there is no controversy on how impactful dating apps are in building relationships, especially, in large cities such as Los Angeles, New York, or Seattle. With around 50 million of America’s 325 million Americans taking action on dating apps which, for reference, is a staggering 15% of the entire U.S. population, it is astounding just how much profit your favorite dating app is gaining.

When you run the numbers, the ever-popular Tinder dating app comes in first place when it comes to making money. The eye-popping results show that Tinder makes just about $1500 in just one minute. Apps like Tinder, which as of recent have been operating under a subscription-based formula with different priced packages, have that to thank for its recent and overall success. So, for developers looking into the dating app scene, Tinder would be a great model to follow. You know how the saying goes right? “If you can’t beat ‘em, copy them”, or something like that.

Now that it is pretty much established that Tinder is the one running the show, next in line is the dating app Bumble. By the way, Bumble is putting up numbers that can compete with any dating service. With that said, Bumble’s numbers are impressive as well earning a respectable $180 or so in just a minute, these numbers should increase as well. By following the steps of Tinder, Bumble has also recently started to profit off of a subscription-based formula as well which seems to work great for dating apps in general. Finishing off the top four dating apps is the oldie but goodie app Match, followed by the app Plenty of Fish which make around $140 and $80 respectively. Now, these are the top of the line dating apps but, what about the failures?

Dating App Failures

Just like with any app, the first one is rarely the one that sticks with people. Under that sentiment, there are more failures than there are successes in the field of technology. However, there is no bigger failure when it comes to dating services than the one suffered by Ashley Madison. Back in 2015, due to a hacking incident which resulted in a long list of prominent names that were on the site being released, Ashley Madison received a huge loss in members and money. Since the site was so infamous for being a “cheaters” dating site, the names on the list lost a lot in their personal lives as well. Other than Ashley Madison, there has not been any major dating apps or services that have received as much of a collapse in recent memory. If there is one thing to take from the Asley Madison incident, that is to keep your dating apps safe and secure.

What’s New?

In the dating app scene, there are constant efforts to make an app the next Tinder or Bumble. However, the reality is that the people will choose what dating apps make it and which ones do not, despite how much effort you put into making an app similar to the top competition. Having said that, one new dating app that is making noise for its uniqueness is Huggle. This dating app allows for its members to connect based on its own unique matching system. Dating apps like Huggle are good reminders that if you are planning on looking into dating apps yourself, it will benefit you to be unique and branch out. People are always looking for different and are getting tired of the same.