Difference between UI & UX

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UI /UX are often terms used as one and the same, but they actually are completely different.

Both terms are forms of design. UX is more focused on the user experience, but UI is focused on the user interface. Both are necessary, but both have different tasks. Learn more below.

What is UX?

As mentioned, UX design is based on the user experience and the feel of a design. It puts the customers first. It contains the interactions that occur between the customer and the business and improving that interaction quality. It can be used by any industry, but it is mostly seen in the digital world. Ideas are needed everywhere, however.

What is UI?

UI is focused on the user interface as previously mentioned. Only the digital industry focuses on this term, and it focuses on the visuals of a design. It ensures that all interactions work responsively on the interface. It brings the brand to the visual stimulus to stimulate emotions and feelings concerning the design in customers’ minds.

Differences of UI /UX

UX design is focused on the internal parts that keep the design working. UI design are the external parts that keep the design visually stunning. UX design solves problems, while UI creates the interfaces themselves. UX will come first, then UI. Without the idea behind a design, there would be no design to be made.

How UI and UX Help Each Other

Neither UI or UX is more important. Without UI, you have a wonderful option for individuals that is not offered anywhere else, but it is lacking design features. Without UX, you have an aesthetically stunning design, but it does not work well for customers. They each rely on one another in order to accomplish the tasks appropriately and effectively.

Roles of an UX Designer

UX designers are first in charge of analysis through data analysis, customer analysis and developing an analytical strategy. They are also in charge of content development through developing a prototype, testing the prototype and making development efforts. Finally, they have to coordinate and maintain communication with others while making sure goals are met. This is a very complex role with many job responsibilities that you would have to keep track of.

Roles of an UI Designer

UI designers use that analysis to design the research and visuals of the design. They build graphics, story structures and brands. They help with prototypes and interactive qualities to ensure the design works on all platforms. It is important that the brand is translated across to the design by UI designers.

Pay for UI and UX Designers

The salaries of both UI and UX designers are very similar. In the design world itself, however, there are often more jobs available for UI professionals as they are very specifically geared towards design. Specific salaries depend upon where you live and the industry you are specifically trained in. Other factors may include how much experience you have in the field as well.

Companies that See the Two as One

Both UI and UX are new roles in the design industry. They are very specific to this industry, and often, companies have a difficult time understanding the roles. Some companies even want individuals who are talented in skills that are needed in both UI and UX in order to streamline things.

How to Decide if UX or UI is Better for You

You must first think if you are more interested in improving the experience or if you are more interested in the design aspect. If you want a job in UX, you need to be able to empathize, problem-solve, be creative and be analytical. If you want a job in UI, you need an eye for design, great communication skills and the other skills listed for UX.

Learning UX and UI Skills

College courses offer very little in terms of UX and UI skills. There are various online classes to learn these skills, however. You could also get in contact with a mentor who has started and become successful in the field of UX or UI.

Final Thoughts

UX and UI are two different career fields in the design industry. UX is focused on the user experience where UI is focused on the design as a whole. Each is very important, however, and has its own benefits. There is not one without the other.

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