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A Look At 2019’s Best Apps

Over the last decade, Apps have become a major part of most people's everyday lives.

Apps often influence how you communicate, research something, play, and watch content. The recent technological advancements involving subscription gaming and television services have added a new dimension to apps and helped enhance the overall user experience. With that being said, here is a look at the year's best apps.


TikTok is a social video app that allows you to watch people dancing or lip-syncing different songs. You also have the opportunity to sing or perform some dance moves. The app is used by over a billion people around the World. TikTok was one of the most downloaded non-gaming apps in 2019.


Discord allows you to create group chats with your friends and people who share similar interests. The app has cross platform capabilities, which allows you to use the app on multiple devices. Discord also has voice chatting features. You can join a group chat by responding to a link.

Disney +

Disney Plus quickly became one of the most popular apps in the World. Disney announced that they received over 12 million subscribers in a single day. Disney Plus gives you access to hundreds of movies and thousands of TV episodes. You can also view brand new original shows as well.

Tweetbot 5

Twitter remains one of the most popular apps in the World. Tweetbot 5 is considered a premium version of Twitter. Tweetbot 5 is a great option if you would like to tweet without dealing with some of the things that you don't enjoy. Everything is in reverse-chronological order. You can also swap out different tabs to find what you are looking for in a quicker fashion.

Apple TV

The Apple TV app allows you to view different movies and television shows. Apple recently overhauled the app to include streaming capabilities. The new TV streaming service is home to the popular drama The Morning Show along with a few other original shows. The app has also received positive reviews for its easy to navigate interface.


CityMapper is a navigation app that helps you as you visit big cities such as New York, Paris, London, and Sydney. Other cities may be added to the app through user votes. If you are visiting these cities, CityMapper can help you find your way around the city by helping you locate tourist attractions in real time.


Tinder is a dating and social app. You may view someone's profile and find out more information about them. If there is a connection there, the app allows you to chat with them.

Spectre Camera

Spectre Camera is an AI photography app. Spectre uses machine learning technology to take long exposure photos on your phone. Before the app was created, a mirror-less camera was necessary to create those types of photos.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service. Apple Arcade features a large collection of games that you can download. The app includes classic favorites, puzzles, and mystery games.


Bumble is an innovative spin on social app dating by encouraging women to take initiative. In the event of a match, women have to start the chatting process or the match will expire the next day. Bumble was created to help hesitant daters.  

Route Recon

Route Recon helps you navigate the world’s roadways more securely. In a world with emerging security threats, Route Recon has a specific emphasis on deliberate planning.  Get real-time GPS navigation, hazards and crowd sourced transit info. Instantly share your route plan for live-tracking when traveling in non-permissive areas. Also, in case of emergency you can use the in-app SOS feature to alert others for the need of assistance.  
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