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2020 Mobile App Trends

With a projected $693 billion revenue for mobile apps in 2020, the app market continues to grow. With a growing market, many people like to look into potential trends for the upcoming year.

Technology continues to advance and to move towards stronger and better tools for everyday life. This includes computers, television and phones. With the advancement of phones, many businesses seek to create new apps for smart phones. After all, most people have a phone, so businesses can gain a profit from reaching out to people through apps. Mobile apps continue to grow and improve. In this article, we will go over some of the most noteworthy mobile app trends that will happen in 2020.


Cyber security always stands out as something that people want to maintain. This makes sense when you consider how much sensitive information people have on their phones. Luckily, Blockchain looks to establish cryptocurrencies and smart contracts to maintain the best security possible on mobile devices. By utilizing cryptocurrencies, people can keep their bank information safe online. This is due to the cryptocurrencies not needing to send the money from a bank account to another person. smart contracts use a peer-to-peer network so that sensitive information doesn't get stored in one place. This helps to prevent information from leaking to hackers and others.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI continues to make its way into technology by improving the experiences of users. This involves an AI looking at information about users and using that information to either enhance their experience or to make predictions. This can allow apps to do things such as predicting aging changes through an app. As companies continue to utilize AI technology to make predictions and to enhance the experiences for people, it will rise in mobile app usage. In short, it can help businesses and users by making accurate predictions. With these predictions and analytics, users can take that data and use it to make changes or to improve.

Instant Mobile Apps

Some people want to test out apps without downloading them. However, most apps don't have this function, though it looks like this may become more commonplace in 2020. Instant Mobile Apps allow users to try out a demo version of an app to see if they want to download it. They can try it out without downloading anything to their phone. Think of it like this: people may feel weary about downloading apps in fear of viruses. By allowing them to try a demo version that doesn't require a download, users have an opportunity to see if they will like the app. This can help app developers to gain more downloads since more people will try out the app and want to download it.


The mobile app market will continue to develop and grow. This naturally happens as people continue to work on different pieces of technology to improve them. As the mobile app market grows, so will the technology that goes alongside it. As such, we can track those trends to see what the future will hold for mobile apps. More mobile app trends exist, though these three stick out as ones that will greatly affect the mobile market. Keep an eye out for these upcoming advancements in technology and see how they will benefit different apps in the future. See what 2020 brings to the mobile app market.
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