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8 Free Apps To Get You Organized
Spring is in the air! With spring comes a renewed desire to get organized and refresh your world. In today’s fast paced, technology dominated world, it can be a daunting task to stay organized and get things done. As people become more and more tethered to their mobile devices, software developers have been racing to make the next life changing app. As far as we know, there is not an app that will clean your home, organize your garage, and dive into that junk drawer. However, we do have some great free apps to help you get organized and stay organized. Here are 8 free apps to get you organized:
  1. IFTTT is an app that creates one platform where over 300 additional apps can be accessed. If, acts like a hub, one platform to access everything the user needs.
  2. Dropbox is cloud a sharing platform that allows users to save files to a cloud and share files with others, by allowing them access to your personal Dropbox.
  3. Evernote allows the user to access projects, and to do list all on one platform, which you can sync and access from multiple devices.
  4. LastPass is password management tool. With some many passwords for things like, online banking, multiple and email accounts. LastPass is a great platform that encrypts all your password and allows the user to access them all securely from one location.
  5. Pocket allows the user to save any interesting article, interviews, or videos to one location to access later. Pocket can be synced and accessed from multiple devices.
  6. SimpleMind allows users to organize those random ideas that tend to pop in our heads. SimpleMind creates a virtual, visual space to see your ideas in a manageable and organized manner.
  7. Remember the Milk allows the user to create to do list and then sends reminders throughout the day, by way of text messages, email etc. It is already integrated with Google Calendar, Gmail, Twitter and Evernote. You can also prioritize tasks, by dates and times of meeting or tasks.
  8. Wunderlist allows the user to organize and prioritize task, share tasks and meetings with others. Wunderlist also allows the user to access from other devices, you can even attach files to notes.
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