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Black Friday: The Greatest Shopping Day of the Year

Black Friday originated in the City of Brotherly Love in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1950's and is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Many people get their pocketbooks ready and get in their vehicles and drive to the store early in the morning to catch the great deals. And of course, nowadays we have the internet so most people don't even leave anymore they shop directly from home.

This eliminates getting out in the large crowds as it can get very dangerous sometimes as people have been known to get hurt. Some have even gotten killed by getting trampled over while fighting over these great deals. It is the day when the stores cut back on prices big time, some up to 50% off. This is the time that the store cuts loose and has their most inventory with their shelves stocked for their customers Christmas shopping list. All the major franchises such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Microsoft Store, and many other stores all take part as the profits are in the millions of dollars. With all this choice online however, it can sometimes be overwhelming and leave you unsure of where to find the best deal. Luckily, online shopping gets a whole lot easier if you visit www.shelf.guide to browse the top products. When it comes to Black Friday, Shelf can give you a comprehensive list of offers, helping you to save time and bag those bargains! In the meantime, take a look at the best deals we've found below:

Walmart's Deals

Walmart is one of the biggest chain stores in the world and we all know this is where Santa Claus shops for the good boys and girls all over the world. Walmart seems to always have good offers on their products, so it's no wonder Santa Claus, and parents, shop there. For parents shopping in Walmart, it might be worth using a walmart coupon to save even more money. Hopefully, this will help people to purchase more Christmas gifts. At the minute, Walmart has great deals on PlayStation 4 Slim with Spider-Man and XBox are priced at $199. Cell phone sales go for $99 starting and 65 inch 4K Roku smart TVs start at $398. Some more popular items such as Google Home Hub and the Hover-1 Liberty hoverboard are going for $99. 2018 iPad is selling for $250 saving you $80. Another great deal is the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus is selling at full price but you get a $400 gift card to go with it. For other iPhones, you get a $300 gift card when purchased. For Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9, S9 Plus, S8, and S8 Plus you get a $300 gift card also when purchased. In the cookware items, the Instant Pot 8-Quart Pressure Cooker is selling for $59 which saves you 40 bucks. If you want to buy stocking stuffers for those teens Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are selling for $99 and that saves you $50. Retro arcade machine, both Pac-Man or Galaga is going for $249 saving you 50 bucks. Here are some items that are going for half price, Google Home Mini is selling for $25, and Roku Ultra for $48. If you are shopping online, the sales start at 10 p.m. Eastern / 9 p.m. Central, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. For those that love to shop in the stores, the sales begin at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

Best Buy Deals

Best Buy is one of the biggest electronic stores around and also has some great deals to offer. Sometimes Santa spends a little more time in this one too. Apple HomePod and selling for $250 knocking $100 off their price. The 55-inch Sharp 4K Roku TV is going at $250 saving you $200. The 43-inch Toshiba 4K Amazon Fire Edition TV is selling for the low price of $130 saving $150. Two other great deals are the 65-inch TCL 4K Roku TV going for $899 which saves you 70 bucks, and the 65in LG OLED65C8P OLED 65 C 800 LED TV for $2,600 which saves you $100. A small item for a stocking stuffer which is also a great gift, Ring Doorbell 2 + Echo Dot 3rd gen for $140 saving $110. This way you will know if Santa skips the chimney and decides to come through the door. As you shop, you'll find that most of the prices will match the other stores with some of their great deals. Some of their most famous smartphones also have great deals that range from saving you $50 all the way up to $432. For a laptop, the MacBook Air, 2017 model you can save $200 as the price is marked down to $800. Xbox One X 1TB + Battlefield V bundle is going for $430 saving you $70. The Nintendo Switch bundle with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is selling for $300 saving $70. This great deal for Black Friday it's called shop Black Friday doorbusters and the sale begins on Thanksgiving Thursday at 5 p.m.

Target Deals

Many of the deals of the same here at Target a Santa also likes to stop off here and shop. target has a deal called the REDcard Early Access which gives the public early deals for Black Friday. If you are REDcard holder you can start shopping with the deals as early as Wednesday, November 21st. All you have to do is apply for the card online and start shopping. Target sends out an ad to its subscribers through email and on the link weekly ad at the top of their page. All the ads contain the Black Friday deals. The hours vary for Target stores on Black Friday. You will have to look up online to find your Target store locator to get more information. The trending items on Target's website can give pretty good ideas for Christmas gifts for that special someone whether it be your spouse, family member, or children. They also have small items for stocking stuffers as well.

Microsoft Store Deals

Even at the North Pole Santa shops online and what better place to do it than Microsoft store. As famous as Santa is even he likes to avoid the crowd sometimes and prefers to go unnoticed. For online Christmas shopping, Microsoft store has some great deals such as free shipping, free returns until January 30, 2019, and you can also pick up items free at the store you just have to find one that's near you which should not be a problem. On Microsoft website right now, they have a Black Friday sneak peek and most deals start on November 22nd at 12 a.m. Eastern standard time. If you bundle with laptops you can save anywhere from $260 to $330. Other laptops you can get $50 to $310 off. It depends on which brand and the laptop you buy. There is a sale now you can begin saving on Xbox game pass for only a dollar. Xbox one sales or anywhere from $70 to $100 off the actual price. HP laptops have a really good deal starting at $120 off all the way to $599 off. What better way to save than all these Black Friday deals at the stores and online. Santa Claus would be proud!
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