About the author : Diana

Just think, the iPhone was released more than eleven years ago, and already, the Blackberry was seeming like Yesterday’s news.

That is because we are now in the Smartphone age. The phone you have right now could be considered part of the past.

Did you know, though, that there are ways from keeping your iPhone from becoming a dinosaur? Here are a few hidden tricks that I am willing to bet some of you did not know it could do.

Face ID

Now, this trick is only going to work if you have the Face ID option on your phone. You probably already know that you can unlock the device just by looking at it. It comes in handy, doesn’t it?

What happens when the device does not recognize your face? The main reason is that your face and appearance has been altered. Do you have the iOS 12? You might know that you can set your phone to accept alternate appearances.

Go into your setting. The device will show you what to do. Take a picture for every look you want the device to recognize. The only thing you have to remember is to be precise. One missed garment could cause problems.


Sometimes getting numerous notifications every hour can be annoying. Things tend to get mixed up. You might throw away an urgent notification without knowing. Did you know you can ask your iPhone to customize your notifications?

You can prioritize everything too. You can set things up from the highest priority to the “take it or leave it” scenario. You can customize everything from emails and phone calls to text messages.

Did you ever have a text message from that “one” person you wish would leave you alone? You know who I am talking about. The one who just cannot seem to get the clue you are not interested.

You can choose customization settings from banners and flags to sounds. You can also choose a sound that sets the others apart, especially the ones you deem more important than others.

Easier on The Eyes

As you get older, it sometimes becomes harder to see. Did you know that your iPhone can adjust to your eyes? Eye doctors have warned against people staring at the bright screen in the dark.

The only bad thing is that we still do it. We are all guilty of it, in one way or another. That is when you need to rethink your actions. Staring at the phone without glasses can also cause some damage later.

Did you know that you can adjust your phone to make it more eye-friendly? You go to the setting and select the display accommodations. You can choose either the Smart Colors or the Classic Colors.

One final thing to note is about the iOS 13. It will come in a dark mode when it is released. that is if the rumors are true.

Phone Calls and Pictures

You already know you can select the sound you want for every person that calls. Did you also know that you can select the image you want to appear? Keep in mind, that it only works for the newer models. Models that are from five years ago or more are not going to do that.

You can adjust your images to reflect who is calling you. Go to the contacts icon. Add an image for every person. The phone will prompt you on what to do.