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LinkedIn Updated App
The New LinkedIn App Uses QR Codes and Offers Translation

LinkedIn is a popular social media system used by millions of professionals and businesses for networking. It was reported that by the end of 2016 there were over 467 million LinkedIn members. The new version of the LinkedIn mobile app works with QR codes and now has a translation option that is based on Microsoft Text Analytics.

QR Codes

To make use of QR codes, using the new app, select the icon for QR codes that is found in the search bar on the home tab. This launches the QR scanner. Alternatively, a photo taken of a QR code can be uploaded.

These QR codes provide LinkedIn profile information. QR codes can be easily shared when meeting new people in person at events, conferences, and conventions. Some like to wear or carry a copy of their QR code for their LinkedIn profile on a lanyard when attending these functions. The QR code can also be shared by email, instant messaging systems, and placed on websites, brochures, and products.

Users like the convenience of being easily able to find the correct profile by using a QR code without having to search for a specific profile on the LinkedIn system. The app allows quick connections to be made with the correct person, which really helps if a person has a common name.

This use of a QR code is a nice digital replacement for a printed business card. Connections with other people are made so quickly and easily. Interactions can be continued immediately without having to later remember, by going through a stack of business cards, who a certain person is or what was talked about.


The translation feature works with 60 languages. When reading the LinkedIn main newsfeed, posts, user profiles, and recent activity, the instant translation feature is available by selecting the "See Translation" button. The system will choose a translation language automatically depending on a user’s LinkedIn settings for their preferred language, location, and the language used for their profile information.

Translation is performed by the Microsoft Text Analytics, which was developed by Azure Cognitive Service. This is a popular API that is the software translation engine used by Bing, Microsoft Office, Skype, and other third-party services like Twitter. Even though the English language is still the most popular one on LinkedIn, more global users are continuing to join the LinkedIn system using languages other than English to communicate. Now that LinkedIn has a translation feature, it becomes more useful for international users. With this new version of the app, LinkedIn finally caught up with translation capability that has been available on other social media systems, such as Facebook, for many years.

The new translation feature is now available for the mobile website version of LinkedIn and by accessing LinkedIn when using a computer desktop. Translation will become available directly on the new app for mobile users in the near future.

The LinkedIn mobile app may be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store and App Store.

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