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The new Microsoft Office app is a powerful force in productivity because they have made it as streamlined and simple as possible.

If you need a program that integrates everything in one place, then this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Why Did Office Change?

Microsoft wanted to streamline Office by putting Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in one program. You can reach any of these apps in one place, and you can jot sticky notes no matter which program you are in. Plus, the company made the interface a bit chunkier and easier to use.

The Office app changed because it was declining in popularity, but it might be the best place to work and store your information now that you can also sign PDFs in this program, open recent documents without much trouble, and save everything in OneDrive or on your device.

Signing PDFs

One of the biggest changes in this app is that you can sign PDFs while you are on the go. This is because the program has created a place where you can open a PDF on mobile, find the place where you need to sign, and sign instantly. Plus, this allows you to sign PDFs without fumbling with older PDF programs that are not intuitive at all.

Integration Allows You To Work All In One Place

When you can type documents, create spreadsheets, and make presentations in one place, you are not filling your device with extra apps that take up too much memory. Most people have a hard time toggling from one app to another, and they no longer need to in this new app. You can switch over to Office if you are tired of keeping dedicated apps on your phone or tablet for every little task you complete.

Creating PDFs

Just as you can sign your PDFs, you can create them. You can scan QR codes with this program if you are trying to open a document, and you can send those PDFs anywhere you want. The share button in Office applies to all documents that you have created, and you can drag images or text from one document to another.

Because you have complete control over the creative process in the new Office app, you do not need to constantly convert files or deal with a loss of formatting that happens when you are working on more than one project at a time.

One More Thing About The New Office App

The new Office app is still free to the public, and it allows you to save all your information to OneDrive. This is the best way for you to continue using Microsoft products. Plus, this might be a good reason for you to switch over to these programs. Word will open any documents, Excel will open any spreadsheet, and you can make new presentations in PowerPoint without toggling between apps.

Where Is the Office App Available?

You can get the new Office app on Android and iOS right now. This program has been created so that it can work with any device that you are using, and the apps work with one another so that you can move from an iOS device to an Android device with no issue.