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Change on social media can be met with rage from millions of users.

It seems as though Facebook can’t even move an button on their homepage without people having a problem with it. This time Snapchat is under fire from it’s users. However, this time, a button didn’t get moved, the app wasn’t changed, and features weren’t taken away. The icon was simply redesigned.

The Logo

Snapchat is famous for its logo – a yellow background with a ghost overlaying it. The change comes in the form of a bolder outline around the ghost’s silhouette. The Snapchat fanbase isn’t happy.

@_tarathomas_ took to Twitter to complain, “the updated Snapchat icon is a little too aggressive,” she said, asking others if they felt the same way.

Another Twitter user joked, saying, “The snap chat logo changed and I’m freaked out. Mom come pick me up, I’m scared.”

Developers of the app claim that the change was made to make the app more appealing to the eye, and so far, it seems to have worked. People are talking about the change and bringing attention to the app.

It seems as though the primary complaint with the icon change is that it looks out of place among the rest of the apps. Snapchat’s decision to use a bold line as the outline of their icon has made it stand out from the crowd a little too much. Other apps are still using thin, sleek lines to create their logos. Snapchat simply doesn’t fit in with the rest of their apps, many say. Thin, sleek lines – thanks to Apple and other company’s design choices – have become a staple in smart phones. What does Snapchat have to gain by going against the grain?

Lasting Results

The change has even lead to people deleting the app; other have chosen to hide the app in a folder.

This isn’t the first time Snapchat has seen such backlash against their app. Back in 2018 they redesigned the core functionality of their app and faced similar threats from their users. With Snapchat having issues gaining users in recent years, this change could be the nail in the coffin for the social media company. With so many social media influencers complaining about the app icon redesigned, Snapchat could face a similar tragedy as they did in 2018. For example, back in 2018, it is believed that Kylie Jenner’s distaste for the 2018 redesign of Snapchat cost the company 1 billion dollars alone – a staggering 7% of the company’s value.


I personally won’t be deleting Snapchat over the app redesign, however, don’t be surprised if you see Snapchat quickly revert to the old logo. Let us know exactly how you feel about the change to the Snapchat app. Is Snapchat over? Will you continue to use Snapchat? What do you think will pop up to replace Snapchat if we all decide to leave the app for good? Let us know more about your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.