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Top 5 Apps for February

Top Five Mobile Apps for February 2018

Software developers continually surprise us with new, innovative and exciting mobile apps to make our lives fun and more production. New apps appear all the time so here are our top 5 best all-around mobile apps as we march into February 2018. These apps are for Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and APKS Android app.

1. Ad Blocker App of the Month: StopAd

StopAd is a great ad blocker available on Android iOS, Windows, and soon-to-be Mac OS. StopAd is not available for Google Play Store because it's an APK and Google have their policies on ad blockers.

StopAd will bloc tons of unwanted ads, and annoying pop-ups. It also tracks and tells you how much traffic you have saved.

App developer for StopAd is unique because they are the first to apply AI, Artificial Intelligence, technology in their app development. This AI technology can detect up to 82.6% of ads that intentionally try to fool you by imitating a website's content, format and style and pretend that it is not an ad.

This App will work with all major browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera. It will take away ads for things like Shazam, SoundCloud, TripAdvisor, and Avast. StopAd is a convenient tool and should be in your smartphone arsenal.

2. Productivity App of the Month: Pixel Filter

Pixel filter is useful for phones with AMOLED screen. This app enables a user to shut off specific pixels on that phone to save precious power and extend the battery's life.

When the user reduces the phone’s pixel count by 50%, the image quality is still excellent, and the difference in quality is barely noticeable. Even with a dramatic 88% reduction, both text and photos remain recognizable allowing the user to continue essential work when the phone is running near empty.

3. Photo Editor & Design App of the Month: Canva

The developers of Canva offers a complete lineup of this software for desktops and mobile devices. Canva lets the user create beautiful and attractive pictures and graphics to post on an Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, basically all of the social media platforms quickly and in seconds.

The highlight of this app is setting templates in default resolution to each respective platform, giving the user the best photo result. For example, if the user chooses Facebook Cover, Cava's template will automatically be set to the default resolution for Facebook cover. There are the many different templates to select from so the results are never dull.

4. Navigation App of the Month: Waze:

Waze is a navigation and real-time traffic GPS app. It will help the user avoid traffic, find the nearest McDonalds, and can even give notice if there is a $5 meal going on. It can also warn the user if any traffic sensor nearby. Waze is one of the best GPS out there for accuracy and extra features.

5. Mobile Game App of the Month: N.O.V.A Legacy:

NOVA is a first-person sci-fi shoot-'em-up game. It has excellent sound and pretty good graphics effects, and it is entirely FREE. It is the best gaming app out there right now in the shoot-‘em-up genre. It is the go-to app when you just want to kill a little bit of time.

Hundreds of new software and apps are introduced by software and app developers every month, and it is always a delight to see what new surprises these talented and practical programmers can come up with next month.

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